How to Choose The Right Boots For Your Body Shape

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how to choose boots for your body shape

This article is all about body shape and boots, how to choose the right boots for your body shape.

Because not all bodies are created equal, and not all boots are created equal. The combination of the two are really distinctive.

There are a handful of things to consider in order to get that combo just perfect.

That is the subject of this article.

When we discuss body shape, we’re referring to the five most basic shapes: hourglass, apple, rectangle, triangle, and inverted triangle.

The lateral proportions across the shoulders, waist, and hips are what we’re focusing about here.

This is a two-dimensional representation of body shapes, and we don’t exist in two dimensions. These proportions are the only ones I’m considering.

I’ll write a whole different article about vertical proportions and your footwear, because that’s also a factor.

But, to keep things simple, I’ll just concentrate on those lateral proportions, body shapes, and the boots that best suit them.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Let’s start with the shape of an inverted triangle.

The inverted triangle has the broadest point across their shoulders, if you’re unfamiliar with these body type. Their shoulders or across the bust will be their most prominent feature. Their hips will be slimmer as a result of this. They may also have a distinct waist.

The goal of this body shape is to achieve balance. For the inverted triangle, I’m going with the general advice we’d provide.

To restore balance to this shape, we want to add interest and width to the lower half. With that in mind, boots that sit away from the leg and provide a small amount of leg width will work best.

Boots should provide the lower portion of the body a little more width. The upper half will be more balanced as a result of this.

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What else could you do if you didn’t want to go for a knee-high boot and only wanted an ankle boot?

You should always be thinking about adding interest and weight to the boot in some way.

A solid chunky boot will look fantastic on this figure. It is extremely beneficial to the upper body’s balance.

If you like, you can opt with a somewhat brighter color, which will achieve the same result.

But it’s obviously a chunkier boot, as opposed to a Chelsea boot, which can be extremely neat and slim fitting.

You want to think chunky, and you want to think weighty. The inverted triangular form looks excellent with all those stomper boots.

Triangle (Pear) Shape

The triangle, often known as the pear shape, is the next form we’ll look at.

When we consider this person, we see that their dominant feature is their hips. The majority of their weight is distributed around their hips. The hips are the widest part of the garment. On the upper half, they’re narrower.

With that in mind, we don’t want to add any more interest or weight to the lower body.

When we think of boots, we want to think of something a little more streamlined than the inverted triangle we discussed earlier.

Something like a sock boot that sits slim against the leg will be ideal.

A Chelsea boot, which isn’t as thick and a little more delicate, might be perfect here.

Anything that gives the body shape a more streamlined appearance will work well for the pear shape.

Rectangle Shape

This individual has the same measurements in their shoulders, waist, and hips.

We want to think about bringing movement to the body shape and softening those angular lines when using the rectangle.

To accomplish this, we must consider how we can give this person more shape.

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We’re going back to that concept of boots that sit open on the leg or away from the leg. Those with the inverted triangular shape are similar. On the leg, it’ll just be a little bit more intriguing.

It’ll help to break up the monotony of the straight-up-and-down look.

You could perhaps go for something a little chunkier. You’ve got a lot of leeway here.

What I will advise is that you should attempt to find something that sits away from the leg to give them a little more shapeliness.

Any boot with a rectangle shape would look wonderful with a lot of color, patterns, and textures.

Boots For Body Types

Round (Apple) Shape

The round shape, often known as the oval shape or the apple shape, comes next.

If we consider this person, we can see that they tend to bear their weight in the front of their bodies, across their chests or in their tummies. Their upper body bears the brunt of their weight.

It works nicely to have a chunkier boot on the lower portion.

What I mean is that people with round shape have fantastic legs, and they frequently claim that their legs are their best feature.

So, if they want to show off their legs, covering them up with boots, especially lengthy, knee-high boots, might not be the best choice.

You might choose something that doesn’t cover the entire length of your leg or the lower half.

A shorter boot would also be appropriate. A good chunky boot or a platform boot will also do the trick.

Giving the body a little bit of height is always a good idea for the apple form. So look for chunkier boot types that will help to balance out your upper half.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass people may believe that dressing the hourglass is always simple because that is the shape that most people strive for.

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What I mean is that it isn’t always that simple.

It’s quite easy to throw the hourglass off balance by adding too much fabric or too much interest to the upper or lower half, which is very easy to achieve by adding too much fabric or too much interest to the upper or lower half.

With that in mind, you’ll want to choose your boots carefully.

What I will suggest is that if you go for something chunky and dominant on the foot, consider extending that balance to the top part with a hefty jacket or a fluffy jumper.

You should continually be thinking about how to keep that balance.

If you go for a heavier boot on the lower part but don’t balance it out on the upper half, it will appear disproportionate and unbalanced.

Similarly, if you go for something extremely petite and slim fitting on the foot and lower part of your body, and then a giant furry jacket on the upper half, you’ll generate a different shape.

Always consider where you can strike a balance.

You have a vast selection of boots, but it’s all about preserving that connection with the upper body.

boots for body shape


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