How Many Jeans Do I Need? You Need These 3!

How Many Jeans Do I Need

In this post, we’ll go back to the basics and discuss the three essential pairs of jeans for women.

Your basics and the value of your wardrobe basics are among the topics I frequently discuss.

Your wardrobe needs a foundation to function, just like your house does. The foundation is the basics.

These basics help you save time and money.

Jeans are one of the categories of basics you should take into account. A crucial component of your wardrobe should be jeans. Even though you might not wear them to work, you do wear them on weeknights, weekends, during the day, and at night.

Or maybe you work from home, and you do wear jeans all the time.

For your wardrobe to function effectively, there are a few essential pairs of jeans that you must own.

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I’ll now talk about those three pairs of jeans.

Dark Wash, High Rise Jeans

A pair of high rise, dark wash jeans should be the first pair of jeans every woman owns.

It doesn’t have have to be a pair of skinny jeans, but it can be. It’s completely acceptable if you actually like straight-leg pants, a baby bootcut, or even wider flared legs.

I just want to make sure you have a pair of high rise, dark wash jeans in your closet or drawer. So essential.

The dark wash has a strong slimming and lengthening effect. It is also more elegant. So pull out your dark wash jeans when you want to dress up a pair of jeans.

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Any piece of clothing you choose to wear will make you appear thinner, more chic, sophisticated, and dressier when paired with your dark wash jeans.

The high rise is also very important since it actually makes your legs appear much longer, especially if you’re wearing more of a cropped, skinny, or ankle-length jean.

Additionally, it will simply tidy up, tuck, and suction everything surrounding the tummy. You may have a few more pounds because you’ve been eating a lot of tacos, or you may notice that there is a bit more there as you age due to menopause or perimenopause.

I believe it’s essential to have that pair of dark wash, high rise jeans because the high rise jeans will really suck all of that in.

I have the high rise skinny jeans. They reach the ankle. Regular and ankle lengths are the two options. I have the ankle-length, and they fit me perfectly. For me, these are the ideal pair of ankle-length jeans.

I may wear on a similar toned booty, sneaker, shoe, flat, heel, or anything you want to wear if I want to elongate even more.

My Day Boot Chelsea boots are a wonderful pair that I frequently wear. These booties’ leather is so soft and supple that it practically molds to your foot. The first few times you wear them, they run a little narrow, but after that, they fit like a glove.

I adore the side zip, and the low heel is both very practical and quite fashionable. Just incredibly well-made, high boots.

My top can be a washable silk relaxed shirt. With a cami underneath, you may wear it open. It might be layered underneath a jacket or blazer. You can wear it alone if you want to. It will be possible to wear it in a lot of ways. With a pair of wide-leg pants, wear it to work. It is undoubtedly quite versatile.

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Black Jeans

A pair of black jeans is the second pair of jeans that every woman has to keep in her closet.

Whatever fits and flatters your body the best can be worn here, whether it be a skinny silhouette, an ankle-length, a bootcut, a flared, a wide, or a straight.

A excellent fundamental is a pair of black jeans. It may be dressed up or down, worn with tees, button-down shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, moto jackets, and blazers, among other things.

Sky’s the limit, incredibly versatile, a must-have.

I am dressed in black ankle-length jeans with a really great hemline. I wear a really chic pair of black sneakers with these black jeans. Despite having a fairly spongy bottom, they yet manage to look chic and sophisticated.

I think these are fantastic if you’re looking for a wonderful pair of travel shoes or just a pair of sophisticated, chic day sneakers that you can do anything in.

On top a zip-up fitted sweater. What I like about this sweater is the markings on the sleeve and where they point your eye. It has black color blocking on the sleeves, and those really draw attention to that tiny portion of your body—the empire waist just below your bust—the smallest part of your body. I really appreciate how it sort of deceives the eye in that way.

Blue Jeans

The following pair of jeans that we all require is a pair of classic blue jeans.

What do I mean when I say classic blue jeans? I’m referring to the classic blue jean hue. It can feel a little less dressy than your dark wash jeans, so I believe it’s crucial to have that color.

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You have an additional pair of jeans in that classic blue color that you can reach for when you want to wear them with t-shirts, sweatshirts, or anything else that is a little more casual.

Therefore, you need traditional blue jeans, black jeans, and dark wash high rise jeans. You get to choose the silhouette.

How Many Jeans Do You Need

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