Fashion Trends to Avoid in 2022 (What Not To Wear?)

Fashion Trends to Avoid

Some truly great fashion trends are coming our way in 2022, while others aren’t worth the hype in my opinion.

In this post, I’ll explain why I believe you should avoid certain fashion trends.

These fashion fads aren’t practical, will only last a season, and, quite frankly, aren’t worth the hoopla.


The reappearance of sequins is one of the main trends for next year.

While I am a fan of anything that sparkles, I believe that sequin pieces are not the way to go if you want to invest in pieces that you can wear on a regular basis.

You simply do not receive the cost per wear on these pieces, in my opinion. When you see them in the store, they are unfortunately so brilliant and inviting.

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They’re just pieces that are enjoyable to purchase. However, they are the type of things that are difficult to incorporate into regular outfits.

Don’t get me wrong: they’re gorgeous, and I don’t think you should save sequins and sparkles for special occasions. Every day, they look fantastic.

But I think they’ll go out of style quickly because they’re such statement pieces that they’ll be noticed every time you wear them. As a result, you don’t reach for them as frequently.

That’s why sequins are at the top of my “do not wear” list.

The only caveat is that if you discover an item that you’d be pleased to wear once in a while for special occasions and it’s a cami or dress, then go for it.

I would avoid sequins if you’re wanting to enhance your wardrobe with new season pieces that you’ll get a lot of use out of.

Extreme Cutouts

Cutouts are the next big thing, and they’re going to be huge.

I truly prefer cutouts; I believe that a minor cutout here and there may add a little bit of intrigue to a garment while also providing some comfort.

But what I am seeing is cutouts on steroids. They appear to be larger and bolder cutouts than in the past.

They’ve simply missed the mark, in my opinion. They’ve taken something weird, amusing, and intriguing and pushed it to its limits.

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Not all cuts are made equal, it turns out. The clothes and accessories we’ve been wearing in 2021 have a conservative feel to them. In 2022, we may expect to see large open cuts.

As a result, I believe they’ve gone too far, that it’s too much, and that these pieces have become quite difficult to wear.

Low Rise Jeans

This next trend will undoubtedly divide you, and I know this because low-rise jeans are making a comeback.

Many ladies told me that they dislike low-rise jeans and were relieved when high-rise mum-style jeans returned.

Low-rise jeans, on the other hand, are making a comeback.

Personally, I will not be wearing them. They aren’t always flattering, in my opinion. This lower rise may be easier for you to wear and incorporate into your appearances if you are short in the body.

However, a low rise is unattractive.

Small Bra Tops

Bra tops and bralettes have been seen worn beneath blazers and coats as well as on their own in recent seasons.

Those bra tops appear to be diminishing in size in 2022, and they will be smaller than ever before.

I had to get used to the idea of bra tops; they’re not something I’d normally wear.

When I see them on the runway and when they’re styled to perfection, I enjoy the way they look. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not opposed to this style.

However, I believe that these little bra tops have transcended beyond the realm of fashion. It’s more theatrical and entertainment, and it’s not a good look in my opinion. Unless it’s well styled, which isn’t always the case.

So bra tops are shrinking, which I don’t like. ​

If you enjoy this style and want to try out this trend, I recommend wearing a bralette. Because bralettes are a little longer in the body, they provide a little more covering and make you look a little more polished and put-together.

Long Fringing

I’m astonished that fringing is back in 2022, but it is, and it’s back in a major way.

Long fringes were added to the bottoms of skirts and dresses by designers on the runway, which I noticed.

While I enjoy this appearance, I like that it offers you a little amount of coverage while still allowing you to see what’s going on underneath.

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However, it is difficult to wear fringing in a practical way. You’ll understand where I’m coming from if you’ve ever worn fringing in real life.

Because the fringe tends to get caught on chairs, doorways, and just about everywhere, it’s the most inconvenient style to wear in real life.

It looks great on the runway, in a fashion magazine, or in a stunning street style image, but it just doesn’t work in real life.

If you enjoy the idea of fringing, choose a fringing detail that won’t cause as many problems. Small fringe details on a faux leather jacket, or a smidgeon of fringing trim on a purse or handbag, for example.

You may dip your toe into the style and feel modern and current without having to worry with fringe getting caught everywhere with that kind of fringing.

Because it is the most unrealistic trend, it is included on our list.

Extreme Sleeves

This next style, super duper puffy voluminous sleeves, has gone much too far in my opinion.

I’m all for a little puff, fun, and volume, but it’s gotten a little out of hand. That volume, particularly the sleeve ornamentation, is colossal.

This is, in my opinion, a really difficult trend to pull off. Anyone with that much volume will always appear to be larger.

I’ve seen it work if you wear a crop top with puffy sleeves and then a pair of short shorts or a small skirt, because you really need to work out the proportions.

It just won’t work if the proportions aren’t correct.

Puffy sleeves that are excessively big are a no-no for me because I think they’ve gone too far. In 2021, the way we wore them worked really well; it was feminine, flowy, and a little bit of fun.

But, in my perspective, these super-sized ones are a step too far.

Micro Minis

Some of the fashion trends in 2022 appear to be going a little too far, and minis appear to be doing the same thing.

Instead of increasing the volume, they are shrinking into micro minis.

If you ask me, some of them resemble a somewhat big belt. I’m aware that I’m beginning to sound a lot like my mum.

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However, I believe that while these micro minis look wonderful on the runway, they are not appropriate for everyday use. As a result, they’ve been included to this list.

They appear to suit only one body type, and that’s it.

I’m not sure what to make of tiny minis. If you prefer a shorter mini skirt, skip the micro minis and opt for a standard mini instead.

Tails & Trains

The reappearance of tails is one of the most startling phenomena I’ve witnessed. It’s similar to a train on a wedding gown.

Skirts, dresses, and duster coats with long tails/trains are all in style right now.

While we saw them on the runway in a huge way, those looks will translate to the high street and will be available to us.

For obvious reasons, I believe that anything that trails on the ground is a no-go. That is simply unworkable.

What I believe will happen on the high street is that we will see a dipped hemline rather than a train that follows behind dresses and skirts.

But I believe that this is merely an overblown aesthetic that isn’t going to work. It’s extravagant and impractical.

It may be appropriate for your wedding day, in fact, I believe it is appropriate for your wedding day, but not for fashion.

Sexy Styling

In the year 2022, a new sexiness will be introduced into fashion, and it has gone too far.

In my opinion, showing one’s exposed nipples to the world is not fashionable.

Wearing ultra-sheer slips and small slips that allow you to see everything underneath is not particularly fashionable in my opinion.

There’s probably just one place for that, and it’s in your bedroom, not on the street. These ultra-sheer garments, on the other hand, are a no-no.

what not to wear?

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  1. I truly concur with the statements and comments on this post. I fully agree especially with regards to the sheer fashion. it has gotten a little out of hand and sexy doesn’t mean lose class. We can have both coexisting with each other.

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