How to Avoid Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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fashion mistakes that make you look older

Here I discuss fashion mistakes, or should I say fashion choices, that we frequently make that make us appear older than our years.

One of the questions that we get asked more than any other is am I too old to wear something.

Is this appropriate for my age, am I too old to wear a miniskirt, am I too old to wear denim?

These are all excellent questions, but they make me sad because, at the end of the day, there is no clear right or wrong answer to any of them.

It’s also upsetting because it emphasizes how we prefer to put ourselves in boxes and define ourselves according to norms that have been established by others.

The problem is that regulations created by others may not apply to you and may not be appropriate for you.

So, in this article, I’m going to share some of my fashion rules, or guidelines, for making fashion selections and choices that will make you look as young or as fantastic as you want to.

Forget Fashion Rules That Make No Sense

My first piece of advice is to ditch fashion norms that don’t make any sense.

At my age, there are a lot of things that I wouldn’t be able to wear if I followed all of the fashion rules and do’s and don’ts.

I like to wear sneakers with gowns. There are certain styles that I adore wearing, and if I followed the old-fashioned, antiquated beliefs of what you can and can’t do in terms of fashion, I’d be left with nothing to wear.

In my perspective, all of those regulations revolve around expectations. Other people’s expectations of you and how we should and shouldn’t do things.

We need to be happy in order to make the best decisions for ourselves, which includes fashion decisions and choices.

So, if you’ve been told by an aunt, mother, or someone else that you can’t wear a certain style or that a certain hue doesn’t suit you, start over.

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I challenge you to start over, to let go of your expectations and rigid rules and simply be. Wear what makes you happy and pay more attention to your intuition.

Wear What Makes You Happy

That wonderfully goes into my next piece of advise, which is to find out what makes you happy.

I believe we have lost sight of the fact that fashion is enjoyable. It is, after all, a means by which we can express ourselves.

However, if we impose too many rules and regulations on ourselves, the fun is lost.

So give fashion a new lease on life and realize that it may be your happy spot. It’s all about making you happy, not making others happy.

Let go of the judgment and put your money towards happiness. Keep in mind that fashion is all about having fun. It could even be something that makes you happy.

fashion mistakes that age you

Show Off Your Best Assets

Another piece of advise I have is to emphasize and display your best qualities.

If your best features are your shoulders and arms, which are slender and muscular, you should select clothes that accentuates them.

I believe it is critical to highlight your strengths.

So, if you’re 60 and have beautiful legs, mini skirts are the way to go. Don’t let what you think is proper for your age limit you.

If you’re going to wear a miniskirt, consider wearing a top half that’s a little more classy and covered up.

So I believe it is critical to understand and display your assets.

Quality Over Quantity

Another fashion decision that I believe is well worth making is to prioritize quality over quantity.

That is, of course, reasonable. I’d love to go out and get a Chanel handbag, but it’s not in the budget for me right now. It’s simply not feasible for me.

As a result, I’m not talking about extremes. But I’m only referring about the ability to purchase timeless items.

Don’t read boring into that; it’s timeless and will be something you’ll love, wear, and appreciate for many years to come.

In general, this means you’ll have to spend a little more for things that will last longer, but you’ll still be within your budget.

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Don’t go crazy overspending and falling into debt because you think you need a designer. Get rid of that way of thinking. However, it’s all about buying less and better.


As we become older, we have a tendency to forget about accessories and underestimate their importance in completing an appearance.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that accessories are truly my best friend.

A stunning pair of trendy sunglasses, a stunning scarf, or a stylish handbag are just a few of the items that can elevate a simple look to the next level.

And a more youthful overall appearance is correlated with a more modern edge.

Sunglasses, for example, need a little bit of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, and you might fear you won’t be able to wear the super-sized sunglasses.

Play with them and put them on. I believe you will be shocked at times as to what genuinely works for you, what suits you, and what you may just enjoy.


I usually think that footwear is king when it comes to fashion, looking beautiful, and modernizing outfits.

It’s very useful because it’s easy to set up.

Obviously, our bodies change as we age. You may gain a few pounds here, lose a few pounds there, and your shape may vary.

However, your foot and shoe sizes remain relatively constant, making shoe shopping one of the most straightforward activities.

Shoes and footwear, like accessories, are a really simple method to give a plain outfit, or an outfit that you’ve lived in and loved for years, a bit of a modern edge and an update.

So don’t undervalue the importance of replacing some of your footwear.

Clothes That Fit You Well

Wearing clothes that are simply ill-fitting is one of the most prevalent fashion mistakes that I see women make as they get older.

I understand the desire to dress in clothes that are a little looser and less figure-hugging.

However, I believe that we can go too far in any side and end up wearing things that are simply too big for us. Similarly, we have clothes that are now too tight for us and need to be replaced.

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I think it’s incredibly important to browse through your closet every now and again and try on some of your tried-and-true things. Examine them carefully to discover if they are a good fit for you.

Ill-fitting clothing is a solid sign that you’re not keeping up with the times and aren’t dressing for your current body type.

It’s all too simple to dress for our bodies as they were a few years ago, but as time passes and things change, we must evolve, adapt, and change as well.

Too Much Skin

Next, I believe we occasionally make the mistake of exposing too much skin.

I’m not trying to be conservative and ruin your party, but I believe we can show some skin without going overboard.

If we want to show off our shoulders, we can wear a pair of longer slacks or jeans, or a longer skirt.

All I’m saying is that instead of revealing everything, you should try to balance things out a little.

That, I believe, has its time and place. If you’re going to a particular occasion that allows you to show off your legs and bear some flesh by wearing a plunging neckline or exposing some shoulder, go for it.

But, nine times out of ten, I believe it’s important to limit how much skin you expose.

As I previously stated, if you’re displaying a little flesh on top, consider covering up a little on your legs, bottom half, or vice versa.

However, leaving something to the imagination can sometimes be significantly more flattering.



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