Fashion Color Trends 2022 (For Women)

Fashion Color Trends 2022

In the year 2022, these are the colors you should be wearing.

But why are these the fashion color trends for 2022 that you should follow?

Colors are quite popular right now. It’s a huge trend, and every fashion magazine is talking about it. We’re ready to feel alive again because we’re weary of being locked up.

It’s logical, and here’s why you should be concerned.

If any of these colors speak to you and you like them, you’ll have an easier time finding them in a style that flatters you and your physique this year than in previous years.

This isn’t to say that you’ll seem out of place if you’re not dressed like a pinata. It just means that you can get these colors in different fashions. So, if it resonates with you, go ahead and do it; if it doesn’t, don’t.

Very Peri

The pantone color of the year for 2022 is the first color we should look at. They invented an entirely new color that closely resembles another.

It’s known as very peri.

It means “a warm and friendly hue with a carefree confidence and a joyful attitude.”

If we’re being completely honest, this color looks a lot like violet, and I don’t think it’ll take over the globe.

Purpley items don’t seem to sell as well as other colors in the retail market.

Blues are usually popular, but purple isn’t. We like them, but no one wants to buy them.

This color would be fantastic for cocktail dresses, a jumpsuit, or a statement piece.

When I see this color on people and in images, I think it’s quite lovely.

I believe it is a tough color to wear at times, but if it speaks to you and you can find it in a style that flatters your figure, it will look fantastic.


Blues, in particular, have been having a moment recently, whether it’s a cobalt blue, a cerulean blue, or a turquoisey sky blue.

They’re all having a wonderful time right now, and you can find a lot of blue-themed goods that suit you and your skin tone, as well as your life, personality, and mood.

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I’m willing to bet that the majority of you like cobalt blue. It’s just such a lovely color of blue. I’m not sure what it is about cobalt blue that makes me so joyful, but it does. Cerulean blue is also incredibly attractive, and when combined with other colors, it is even more so.

That is unquestionably a statement appearance, but it is stunning.

Any of these blues would look great as the main focus of your outfit, such as in a dress or a top. However, I also enjoy wearing them as a belt or in a bag. These colors can be used in a variety of ways.


Yellows are having a renaissance as well.

There’s the bright yellow we’ve seen on the runways, and then there’s popcorn yellow. This lighter hue of yellow was popular in swimwear last summer, and it’s now popular in the fashion world.

It’s just stunning.

This doesn’t have to be worn as a full-fledged dress. You can also use these colors in your handbag or shoes if you pair them with something that complements your skin tone better.

Green Lime

In 2021, lime green made a comeback. It was seen on Hailey Bieber, who was dressed in a blazer. This color was actually worn by a number of celebrities.

So, whoever owns that blazer, congratulations on getting it out there.

This color, I believe, has returned and will keep returning.

In fact, a lot of greens are making a comeback. I’ll get to those in a minute, but lime green has made its way back into our closet as a regular color.

Many people appreciate this color but are unable to make the commitment to begin wearing it.

This lime green color comes in a variety of different shades. In spring dresses, lighter shades of lime green are showing up. In the summer, they’ll be huge.

Emerald Green

If you were paying attention to fashion or fashion people in 2021, you would have seen that greens were already popular, particularly in accessories such as the Botega bag, the popular pouch.

Those grass green accessories were huge in 2021, and I don’t think anyone was sick of them. It hasn’t vanished. More accessories are being released for the emerald greens and grass greens.

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This color looks stunning on shirts and dresses. It has a rich appearance and is a very approachable color.

When you see someone dressed in a stunning deep emerald green jumpsuit or dress, you know they’re stylish and know what they’re doing.


Lilac is on a lot of lists. It’s one of the huge colors for 2022.

It was really popular in 2021, and there were a lot of lilac-themed clothes. But, for some reason, I can’t seem to get behind this color.

It’s great if it works for you. It’s a lovely spring color, but I don’t think it looks good on a lot of people. It just doesn’t suit me and washes me out.

However, when I see it in images, it appears to be quite lovely. If it wipes you out like it did me, try using it as an accent color or pairing it with other colors like a darker purple or burgundy. Alternatively, you might use brown or even black.

There are also many various shades of lilacs and light purples that you may experiment with until you discover one that suits you and your skin tone.


Another color that frightens people is this one.

However, it’s stunning, especially if you have a deep olive or deeper skin tone. I think you look stunning in this.

Personally, I believe that if you are pulled to anything orange and it is a style that fits your body and makes you feel good, you should just wear it.

Don’t get caught up in whether it’s fall, spring, or winter. Simply put it on if it feels appropriate to you.

This is another fantastic color that works well as an accent, such as in a bag, shoes, or an item of clothing.

Scarlet Red

Another color that has been spotted on a lot of celebs at award shows. This scarlet red color is stunning. It’s been making an appearance, and it was undoubtedly seen on the runways.

If red is going to be your statement color this year, this is a great choice.

Red is an excellent color to draw attention to yourself because it’s bold and easy to work with. If you want red, you can do it with a lipstick.

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Red is a color that never goes out of style or appears dated.

Red is a terrific color to work with, and if you find something you like, it will be one of those items you treasure for a long time.

Dark Brown

This last color is completely inappropriate for this article, but I felt compelled to include it.

Dark brown isn’t a really striking color. That’s a color that’s considered neutral.

But I’ll just mention that because I think browns in general have suddenly risen in popularity; they’ve finally gotten their piece of the pie, and they’re stunning.

They used to seem dull, and I didn’t care for them as much.

Now there are these gorgeous deep rich browns and mochas that you can mix and match to create a whole different look, and they’re just so exciting.

If you’re weary of black, it can be a terrific option.

If you’ve read through this list and think it’s too much (I’m not a big fan of color), dark brown might be your thing. Perhaps dark brown is the way to go. It’s such a lovely color, very deep and lovely.

Those are the colors I’ve chosen to discuss in this article.

There are a lot of more colors I’m sure I missed, such as hot pink. I probably didn’t mention yellow nearly as much as I should have.

Any colors that you’re drawn to, or that you’re just feeling, you’ll most likely be able to locate anything you enjoy in those colors this year.

It would be your year to track them down and put together a variety of ensembles.

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