Fall Fashion Trends 2024

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Fall Fashion Trends 2024 Outfits

The fall 2024 fashion catwalks have unveiled a captivating array of trends that promise to redefine our wardrobes.

In this video, a fashion stylist meticulously analyzed the runway shows, offering an insightful breakdown of the must-have colors, prints, textures, and styles for the upcoming colder months.

From the vibrant hues of tomato red and maroon to the cozy textures of cable knits and faux furs, the video highlights how these trends can be seamlessly incorporated into everyday wear.

This trends offer something for every fashion-forward individual. Let’s explore the key takeaways and get inspired to elevate your style this fall.

Color Trends

Fall Trends 2024


  1. Tomato Red:
    • Dominant and continuing from last season.
    • Bright, springy red with a golden undertone.
    • Seen in full outfits and as pops of color.
  2. Maroon Red:
    • Deeper, colder red with pinky undertones.
    • Suitable for cooler palettes.
  3. Pink Variations:
    • Barbie Pink: Bright and springy, used in both girly and chic styles.
    • Blushy Pink: Subdued and versatile, can be styled beyond just frilly and lacy looks.
  4. Autumnal Shades:
    • Mustard and Moss: Rich, earthy colors perfect for autumn.
    • Often paired together or with other autumn shades like plumy purples, rusty oranges, and browns.

Prints and Patterns

Fall Fashion Trends 2024 Outfits Women

Bottega Veneta

  1. Leopard Print:
    • Inspired by the “mob wife” trend, suggesting luxurious and bold styles.
    • Considered a neutral due to its typical tan and black color scheme.
    • Appears on various items, including tights, and sometimes in red and black for a bolder look.
  2. Tartan/Check:
    • Featured prominently and styled in various ways from preppy to edgy.
    • Commonly used in thicker, woolly fabrics suitable for cooler seasons.
    • Seen in both traditional and modern, ladylike interpretations.
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Textures and Fabrics

  1. Fluff and Fur:
    • Popular for warmth and glamour, often used in coats and trims.
    • Appears in various colors, shapes, and unexpected items beyond outerwear.
  2. Leather:
    • Used in biker jackets, dresses, tops, and bottoms.
    • Often draped and experimented with to create different silhouettes.
  3. Sheer Fabrics:
    • Adds a mix of sexiness and innocence.
    • Often layered with other fabrics like chunky knits and leathers for practicality.
    • Embellished and laced variants add texture and visual interest.
  4. Cable Knit:
    • Thick, chunky knit textures provide warmth.
    • Features in plain and unexpected shapes, emphasizing a handmade aesthetic.

Silhouettes and Styles

Fall Fashion Trends 2024

Dolce & Gabbana

  1. Capes:
    • Versatile and trendy, seen in numerous fabrics and styles.
    • Used in both casual and formal looks, including evening wear.
  2. A-line and Maxi Skirts:
    • Bring retro drama to outfits.
    • Suitable for various body shapes, especially those needing balance on the lower half.
  3. Nightwear as Outerwear:
    • Pajamas, slip dresses, and other nightwear-inspired pieces are styled for everyday and evening wear.
    • Adds an informal yet chic touch to outfits.
  4. Tuxedo Elements:
    • Oversized, cropped, and unconventional pairings of tuxedo jackets and elements.
    • Includes tuxedo jumpsuits and cumber bands used in unexpected ways.

Accessories and Details

Fall Fashion 2024


  1. Funky Tights:
    • Various colors and patterns, including leopard print and lace.
    • Serve as a bold accessory and a way to keep legs warm.
  2. Scarves:
    • Recommended for adding pops of color.
    • Long scarves add drama, while shorter ones offer versatility and warmth.
  3. Ribbons and Bows:
    • Add a touch of femininity to simple or boxy outfits.
    • Seen on various items, from casual to formal wear.
  4. Hoods and Hoodies:
    • Incorporated into many designs, blending casual and formal styles.
    • Offers smart-casual looks, with some designs featuring detachable hoods or knitted hoods.
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The video emphasizes the continuity of many trends from previous seasons, highlighting how they evolve and adapt over time. The presenter encourages viewers to mix and match these trends to suit their personal style and offers practical tips for incorporating high-fashion elements into everyday wear.

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