Facial Acupuncture For Anti Aging, Before & After

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Facial Acupuncture For Anti Aging

In this video, the host explains her personal experience with facial acupuncture and how it helped her after undergoing major surgery. She also mentions that facial acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular and is being touted as a natural alternative to Botox.

The host then meets with Dr. Shari in an acupuncture studio in New York City, who explains that facial acupuncture involves the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific points on the face to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which can help plump the face, reduce wrinkles, and firm and tone the face.

During the session, Dr. Shari places needles on the host’s jawline, around the smile, and the nasolabial groove to prevent wrinkles and firm the face. The host also undergoes sound therapy and LED light therapy as part of the treatment.

The host notes that the procedure is not painful, and she feels relaxed and soothed by the experience. She also states that while there may not be a significant visible difference in before and after photos, she did have an excellent night of sleep after the treatment, which made a significant difference in her appearance the next day.

facial acupuncture before after

Overall, the video suggests that while facial acupuncture may not provide immediate, dramatic results, it could have long-term preventative benefits and contribute to a holistic, inside-out approach to beauty.

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