Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Are you sick and tired of suffering from back pain as a result of sitting for lengthy periods of time?

It is never easy to feel aches and pains from spending all day in front of a computer. The uncomfortable feeling makes it more difficult for you to stay focused and meet your daily goals.

The good news is that simply upgrading your lousy office chair, you can successfully prevent back pain. An ergonomic chair is what you need to help with blood flow and posture correction.


With the Luxton Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, you may effortlessly maintain a healthy sitting position.


Make the transition to our ergonomic office chair and wave goodbye to back pain. The angled seat facilitates the maintenance of a more natural posture. This position helps relieve shoulder, neck, and back pain because it better uses your core muscles and maintains a healthy weight distribution.


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Those standing 5’2” up to 6’6” tall can use this rocking office chair.


It’s an excellent option for professionals and students who want to work from home. Additionally, you may use this ergonomic furniture for sewing, painting, watching TV, and meditation!


Your back pain from desk work will never return if you get this memory foam office chair. Simply wipe it down with a moist towel to get rid of dust and debris to maintain it fresh and clean.


Dimensions of the product: 28″D x 16″W x 22″H Material: Hardwood, Memory Foam.


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