Does Alpaca Wool Shrink? How Do You Wash It Correctly?

Does Alpaca Wool Shrink?

Key Takeaways

  • Wool from alpacas shrinks easily. Clothing made from alpaca wool generally shrinks for three reasons.

  • The tips listed below can aid in preventing shrinkage of an item made with alpaca wool.

  • Although it can be difficult, washing alpaca wool is actually very easy. To prevent ruining your clothing, you need to keep in mind a few crucial details.

Do alpaca fibers shrink easily? The answer is yes, they do.

There are typically three reasons why alpaca wool clothing shrinks.

Water is the first. A large portion of the weight of the water can be absorbed by an alpaca wool garment when it becomes wet.

It does become heavy, and when it does, it expands, and when it expands, it stretches. It will eventually dry out and return to its original shape.

But there’s a catch.

When an alpaca woolen garment dries and it springs back into shape, it actually overdoes it just a little bit, which means that the garment ends up being smaller as a result of the process.

Agitation is the second factor that causes alpaca wool clothing to shrink. The fiber felts when it is agitated. This implies that the fibers interlock and create a new layer in response to friction or agitation.

A garment made of alpaca wool may get smaller as a result of the new layer that links it all back together.

Heat is the third factor. When wool fibers are subjected to heat, the fibers may get damaged, more brittle, or even tighten. The fibers are prone to shrinking as well when they become tighter.

How to Prevent Alpaca Wool From Shrinking

The following are some suggestions that can help prevent the shrinking of an alpaca woolen garment.

Alpaca wool clothing can only be hand washed, and it is the only method that works. Hand wash with your hands. Most of the factors that cause it to shrink can be avoided if you wash it by hand.

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I mean with your hands when I say to hand wash. Don’t even think about using your washing machine’s hand wash setting. That is not by hand, that is machine washed.

To wash your wool and clothing, only use cold or lukewarm water.

Use a constant temperature, I f you’re planning to wash an item of clothing made of alpaca wool, wash it first and then rinse it. Use the same temperature for both steps. Never change the temperature from cold to lukewarm or from warm to cold. Stay with one temperature, either cold or lukewarm.

Your garment should never be rubbed, rung, or twisted.

Avoid using a dryer. Alpaca wool doesn’t require using a dryer to dry. In a dryer, there is friction and heat. Therefore, avoid drying alpaca wool in a dryer.

Keep your alpaca wool clothing away from direct heat sources like heaters and the sun. The fiber may be harmed by excessive direct heat.

Laying an item of alpaca wool flat between two towels and gently pressing the water out is the proper technique to dry it.

Put your alpaca wool garment in its original shape before drying it to ensure that the wool retains its natural shape.

How Do You Wash Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool washing is actually very simple, despite the fact that it can be challenging. You must remember a few important points in order to avoid destroying your garment. Therefore, pay extremely close attention.

The golden rule is to always hand wash alpaca wool clothing with your hands, not on the washing machine’s hand wash cycle, but rather in your bathroom with your hands.

First, we’ll soak the alpaca wool garment in a tub filled with cool to lukewarm water.

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We’re going to add the detergent now. Even the specific wool detergents can be very harsh on the fabric, thus it is always important to use a very mild detergent. Therefore, make sure it’s incredibly soft; baby shampoo will also do.

Secret ninja tip.

Before you place the garment in, make sure to thoroughly mix the detergent with your hands.

Now all we have to do is soak the garment for 30 minutes.

It is now time to rinse the garment and remove the soap. We’re going to use water that is the same temperature. Without moving it too much, we’re just going to rinse it.

This is important because as the temperature changes, the fiber is shocked, which can lead to felting or pilling, which is something we want to avoid.

This is the tough part because you’ll be tempted to ring it out and remove the soap more quickly, but you shouldn’t.

This is one of the main reasons why your alpaca wool clothing may felt, and if you do it, the result will be a pretty unsightly garment. So keep your composure and avoid ringing it out.

It is possible to gently squeeze the fabric to remove the water.

We now have a wet garment that we will attempt to dry. It’s still soaking with water so we’re gonna get rid of that.

We’re going to lay the item out on a towel in its original shape, and then we’re going to gently roll it into the towel without really stretching or tugging it all the way.

We can squeeze the water into the towel and out of the clothing by doing this.

Because the towel has already absorbed a significant amount of the water, it will be significantly less wet than it was before.

We’re going to grab a fresh towel, lay the item flat in its original shape, ensure there are no wrinkles, and simply fold it. We’re going to keep it there till it dries.

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After roughly three hours, the majority of the water will have been absorbed, causing the drying process to proceed much more quickly.

Put it on a level surface and make sure it’s lying flat. Whatever you have available to dry can be used here, be it a table or a drying rack.

The towel is no longer required at this time. To ensure that both sides of the garment dry effectively, keep flipping it.

Now all you have to do is wait for the garment to dry and it will be fresh and ready to wear.

One of the main advantages of alpaca wool is that, once you’ve finished washing it, you don’t need to iron it or do anything else with it. However, drying may take some time.

Is Alpaca Wool Wrinkle Free?

Alpaca wool is wrinkle-free and wrinkle-resistant.

No wrinkling occurs in alpaca wool.

It might, however, wrinkle in some particular circumstances. For instance, if you purchase anything online, it will likely come packaged tightly in a box. Another option is to pack it tightly in a suitcase.

It may become wrinkled in such circumstances.

What can you do to combat it?

You only need to hang it up for roughly twelve hours for the wrinkles to smooth out and disappear.

It can be smoothed out without the use of an iron or steam; the wrinkles will smooth out on their own.

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