Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

In this video, Dr. Marin Locke, a board-certified dermatologist discusses whether collagen supplements work for anti-aging.

She begins by explaining what collagen is and its importance in the body, including in the skin, hair, nails, and other tissues.

Dr. Locke then goes on to explain that as we age, our bodies begin to break down collagen faster than we can rebuild it, which can lead to various problems such as sagging skin, weak joints, slow wound healing, and brittle nails.

She then discusses the collagen supplement market, which has exploded in popularity as people look for ways to slow down the aging process. Dr. Locke explains that there are various types of collagen supplements available, including powders, pills, drinks, and creams, but she focuses specifically on oral collagen supplements that are ingested.

Dr. Locke addresses the skepticism around collagen supplements and explains that there have been scientific studies conducted on the effectiveness of oral collagen supplementation for anti-aging.

She summarizes the results of these studies and provides her expert opinion on whether people should spend their money on collagen supplements.

The speaker leaves the viewers with her expert opinion on whether or not one should spend money on a collagen supplement.

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