Do Chelsea Boots Make You Taller?

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Do Chelsea Boots Make You Taller?

Here I’m talking about the Chelsea boots.

Right now, Chelsea boots are really fashionable. They’re incredibly popular, and for good reason—they’re simply a cool style of boot.

But I frequently get asked if they’re a good pick for shorter men. Do Chelsea boots make you taller?

Therefore, out of all the different styles of shoes and boots that we have available, do you think that Chelsea boots are a decent choice for a man who is on the shorter side?

This article will provide an answer to that query.

Let’s discuss whether Chelsea boots can make you taller.

Short Answer

The short answer—pun intended—is that they’re a great choice for shorter men for a number of reasons, which I’ll discuss here.

However, let’s first define Chelsea boots.

What Are Chelsea Boots?

The Chelsea boot is a type of boot that sits at the ankle. It is form-fitting, making it an ankle-high boot that fits closely and has an elastic side panel in place of laces. So instead of laces, it has an elastic side panel.

Following that, they frequently, but not always, include a nylon or canvas pull tab that you can use to draw the boot onto your foot.

Since the Victorian era, both men and women have historically sported a pair of Chelsea boots.

They have a somewhat unisex shoe style.

They have been around for a long time, despite the fact that they are currently fashionable. They are quite timeless, therefore I feel this is one trend you can support and feel confident investing in.

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Why Do I Enjoy Them?

There are several reasons why I enjoy Chelsea boots.

The first is that they are just so practical. Because they have a pull button, an elastic panel, and no laces, they are incredibly easy to put on and take off.

Because they are so simple to put on and take off, you can truly wear these to the airport unlike many other boots, such as work boots. There is no need to struggle with laces.

That is the first reason.

The second reason I adore Chelsea boots is because they genuinely increase your height by an inch and a half or two due to their great, substantial heels and thick soles.

They are not elevator shoes. Chelsea boots are a great choice for shorter men since they provide you that extra height boost without looking like you’re wearing elevator shoes or lifts.

The fact that Chelsea boots can be dressed up or down is the third reason I enjoy them.

Both ways are covered. They strike the right balance between formal and casual. Although they certainly have a casual vibe, you can dress them up or down and pair them with both formal and informal attire.

The final reason I adore Chelsea boots is that, despite their current popularity, few men still choose to wear them. None of the men I know own a pair of Chelsea boots.

As a result, if I wear these Chelsea boots out, I’m usually the only male wearing them. It slightly distinguishes you, just improves your style, and gives you a tiny bit of individuality.

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How Do You Wear Them?

You already know how I feel about Chelsea boots. They’re a great choice, in my opinion, especially for shorter men, but how do you wear them?

Like I mentioned, they can be dressed up or down, but I believe they lean casual, and I believe the more casual end of the spectrum is where Chelsea boots, particularly suede and especially a lighter color, look best.

They look great when paired with more laid-back attire, which is my preference. I don’t mean shorts and a t-shirt casual; rather, I mean jeans or chinos and a button-up shirt casual.

For instance, I like to wear light honey brown suede Chelsea boots with lighter wash jeans, a light, nearly white button-up shirt, a light green nylon jacket, and then a few of my favorite accessories.

I put on my go-to sunglasses, a diving Seiko watch, a silver bracelet, and a canvas belt with a camouflage pattern.

There are a few reasons why this is a great outfit.

The first thing I noticed was how well-fitted everything was. Either they are perfectly sized or they are tailored. And fit is certainly crucial.

Nothing counts if your clothing doesn’t fit.

My items fit pretty nicely, therefore this is a great outfit.

In addition, I’ve got some really cool accessories on. As a result, even though this isn’t a particularly exciting outfit—there isn’t much going on with the actual clothing—the accessories do help liven it up a little. I got the belt, the watch, the bracelet, and the sunglasses.

I could wear a typical light brown belt, but I believe the camo and brown go well together and that it’s a cool, interesting choice.

Of course, there are also the boots.

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You might pair this outfit with sneakers. You may wear on a pair of Chukkas in brown leather or something similar, or Clarks desert boots.

But these Chelsea boots in light honey brown suede absolutely elevate this outfit to a new level.

Even though they are made of suede, I particularly like how water-resistant this particular pair of boots is. They employ weatherproof, water-resistant suede.

I’ve actually put this to the test. When I brought my second pair of suede boots—the midnight blue suede Chukkas—out in the rain, the water simply rolled off.

That is pretty cool because typically, if you buy suede footwear, you are only allowed to wear it outside when the weather is sunny.

You are aware of my feelings towards Chelsea boots.

They’re a great choice, in my opinion, for all males, but particularly for shorter guys.

But I feel curious about your thoughts on Chelsea boots.

So, do you frequently wear them? Do you have a pair? Do you intend to purchase a pair?

I would appreciate it if you would share your comments in the comment box.

Chelsea boots for short guys

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