Cherry Blonde Hair Color

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Cherry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Cherry blonde hair may be the perfect complement for you if you want to test out a cute hair color trend this summer. For blondes who want to discover whether redheads or blondes genuinely have more fun, this is the ideal hair color option.

Cherry blonde hair combines red and blonde tones for a light auburn or copper color with subtle hints of pink.

Customizable variations offer flexibility in achieving the desired look. Deeper and more pink-toned than strawberry blonde.

How to Achieve Cherry Blonde Hair

1. Solid Cherry Blonde: DIY at home with bleach for dark hair, then use appropriate dye (e.g., L’Oréal Paris Féria in Coral Pink or Superior Preference in Light Reddish Blonde).

2. Cherry Blonde Balayage: Salon visit for a reddish copper base with blonde balayage for dimension and low maintenance.

3. Cherry Blonde Money Piece: Opt for a subtle change with face-framing cherry blonde highlights, suitable for any base color; request balayage for seamless grow-out.


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