Calico Hair Color Hairstyles

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Calico Hair Color Hairstyles

Calico hair color for women is inspired by the fur of calico cats, featuring a mix of three colors:

  • Black or dark brown: This is the base color, replicating the rich dark fur of a calico cat.
  • Blonde or light brown: This adds highlights and mimics the lighter patches on the cat.
  • Red or auburn: This is the most distinctive element, adding a pop of color and mimicking the fiery orange patches.

The placement and distribution of these colors can vary depending on the desired look. Here are some popular variations:

  • Highlights: Blonde or light brown highlights are woven throughout the dark base with pops of red or auburn for a subtle and dimensional effect.
  • Color blocking: Larger sections of hair are dyed in each color, creating a bolder and more graphic look.
  • Ombre or balayage: The colors transition from dark at the roots to lighter blonde or brown at the ends, with red or auburn woven throughout for a more natural-looking blend.

Calico hair can be achieved on any hair length, but it tends to look especially striking on long hair where the color play can be fully showcased.

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