12 Best Sandals For Men & How to Style Them

Best Sandals For Men

In this video, the speaker provides a guide on how to wear and style different types of men’s sandals. The video is divided into three categories of sandals that are worth investing in: dress sandals, closed-toe mules, and classics.

The speaker describes the dress sandal as mostly made of leather, with a metal buckle and a heftier and more substantial feel.

He explains that dress sandals were popular in the 1960s and 1970s and have made a resurgence. The speaker recommends Nisolo and Grenson as brands that make high-quality dress sandals. The Huarache sandal, which is a super traditional shoe, is also discussed, and the speaker advises being careful when buying a pair as some brands make shoddier versions that won’t last.

The closed-toe mule is described as a sandal that is closed at the toe but open at the back. The speaker mentions that mules are currently trendy and talks about Prada and Marni as brands that make mules. The speaker describes Prada’s mules as absurd and made of sleek, almost matte rubber in a range of rainbow hues. He also mentions that the Marni mules are more versatile and conducive to dressing up.

The classic sandal is described as timeless and a safe investment. The speaker recommends investing in a pair of classics for everyday wear. He mentions brands like Birkenstock and Teva as making high-quality classic sandals.

Throughout the video, the speaker provides style tips and suggestions on how to wear each type of sandal. He suggests pairing dress sandals with a suit or button-down and trousers, or with cutoff jean shorts and a flowy button-down.

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He advises wearing closed-toe mules with baggy, flare jeans, and a fuzzy striped cardigan, or with a super slouchy suit. For classic sandals, the speaker recommends pairing them with a t-shirt and shorts or with khaki pants and a button-down shirt.

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Overall, the video provides a comprehensive guide to men’s sandals and how to style them, with a focus on quality and versatility.

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