3 Best Fall Looks For Men

Best Fall Looks For Men

Here are some of my best fall looks for men.

Look 1

My first outfit consists of a trucker jacket, a fashionable white dress shirt, some casual slip-on loafers, and a pair of blue chinos.

Let’s start with the true star of the ensemble, that lovely handsome olive suede trucker jacket.

Even though traditional trucker jackets are made of denim, suede variants have grown more and more fashionable in recent years. And have been noticed being worn by a number of well-known celebrities.

I typically advise using neutral colors like navy or black for men’s jackets. However, fall is the best season to experiment with more natural hues like green, olive, and various tones of brown.

Even though the jacket is the main attraction of this outfit, we definitely can’t overlook the other pieces of this ensemble.

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For instance, the spotless open-collared shirt, the cream-colored loafers, and the chic blue chinos with the cuffed bottoms that highlight the ankles.

You don’t always have to reserve your ankles for the summer. It can also work well with outfits inspired by fall. Just remember to wear no-show socks.

You could always swap a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers instead of the button-down shirt, chinos, and loafers to dress this outfit more casually.

But I just love how this specific look has an upscale casual vibe.

Look 2

Next, we’ll replace the suede trucker with a piece of menswear known as the over shirt, shirt jacket, or shacket, among other names.

Every year I love seeing more and more guys rock it when the leaves start to change color because it has become a classic of fall menswear.

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This design piece is the stylish halfway between a lighter Oxford shirt and a heavier trucker or bomber jacket, much as the fall is the halfway point between scorching summers and harsh winters.

The versatility of an overshirt is undoubtedly its best thing. You can quickly swap the layers underneath to suit the temperature and wear it both inside and outside.

For instance, if the weather is warmer, you can choose a crewneck shirt. On the other hand, if the weather is a little chillier, simply put on a long-sleeved shirt or perhaps a light sweater made of merino wool.

The key is to keep it straightforward and avoid donning a collared shirt underneath. This will make the impression that you couldn’t decide between the two shirts and simply chose to wear them both.

Look 3

One of my favorite things about fall fashion is that, unlike summer and winter fashions, you can experiment with both lighter and darker pieces as well as various textures and fabrics.

This leads me to my next fall outfit, which consists of a walnut brown bomber, a white crew neck tee, a pair of black jeans, and a pair of leather Chelsea boots.

Really, did you think I’d make an outfit guide without mentioning at least one traditional bomber jacket look?

We normally wear cotton bombers, but I’ve switched them out for suede ones because they are a bit more plush and buttery soft.

Even while suede bombers are certainly more expensive, they have a nice texture, and you can see how this one really makes the other pieces it is paired with pop.

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I really like how the other components of this outfit are understated but still quite chic.

This is a clear indication that you should get some well-fitting white crewneck t-shirts if you don’t already have any.

You may have also observed that the jeans here have a looser fit, which is entirely acceptable for the fall.

In the past, I’ve also advocated saving leather Chelsea boots for dressier outfits. However, these ones are a great choice because they serve to provide harmony to the otherwise laid-back look of the jeans.

If they’re not your thing, however, you can always swap them with a timeless pair of white leather high tops, which would be ideal for this look.


Finally, I had to bring up layering because I really couldn’t talk about fall ensembles without doing so.

Since there are a few crucial things to take into account to successfully pull it off, layering clothing can be somewhat of an art form and can prove confusing for most guys.

I’ve chosen a look that clearly explains these principles and shows you how to use layers in your own clothes.

Always start with the base layer of the thinnest fabric and work your way outward so that the materials get gradually thicker.

You’d be shocked at how frequently I see guys trying to wear thicker fabrics underneath thinner ones, even though it may seem obvious.

Think of colors as fabrics when choosing them; start with the lightest, brightest tones on the inside, then gradually get darker with each additional layer.

You can choose to wear a camel-colored hoodie as your base layer over a traditional white crewneck t-shirt, with a dark olive bomber jacket on top.

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You’ll quickly master layering if you adhere to these guidelines and use only neutral hues.

Dark wash jeans and brown leather high top shoes make a classic fall combo for the bottom half of this particular outfit. Colored high tops are a more informal and unquestionably less expensive option than lace-up boots.

They have rapidly risen to the top of my list of preferred footwear selections for the upcoming fall.

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