7 Best Color Combinations For Men’s Clothes

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Best Color Combinations For Men's Clothes

Here I’m talking about the seven best color combinations for men’s clothes.

I talk a lot about how your clothes should fit, and I honestly believe that fit is the most crucial part of style.

Nothing else matters, including the color of your clothes, if they don’t fit.

However, following fit, I believe color is equally important. It’s like a close second.

It’s one of the most often asked questions. “How do I combine colors, what are the best color combinations for men, what color should I wear?”

Because there are so many hues to choose from, and once you start combining them, the possibilities are practically endless.

In this article, I’m going to break it down for you and provide you some practical suggestions.

I’ll show you seven color combinations that you can pull off and that you can probably make with things you already have, so you don’t have to buy anything.

About Colors

Just a little word on the subject of color.

There are colors that are monochromatic. I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “monochromatic color scheme.” When you have varied shades of the same color, this is what you get. A monochrome outfit is one in which you wear a light blue shirt with dark blue pants.

However, the color schemes I’ll discuss aren’t monochromatic. They’re combining colors that are connected in some way. These are color combinations that are similar.

Blue and green, for example, are analogous colors because they aren’t the same color but are closely comparable. On the color wheel, they’re next to each other.

Blue and orange, for example, are complementary colors since they are diametrically opposing. They’re on opposite ends of the color spectrum from one other.

I adore similar hues, especially on shorter body types, because they allow you to wear a variety of colors and combine them in a low-contrast fashion.

I believe that the comparable color scheme or color combinations are the greatest option for anyone who wants to slim down their shape, increase their perceived height, or at the very least avoid seeming shorter.

In the seven color schemes I’m going to discuss, there are a number of similar color associations.

Gray and Blue

Blue and gray is the initial combo.

This is a traditional, very elegant, very safe, and easy to wear color combination that you probably already have a lot of in your closet that goes with it.

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It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. With this color combination, you may go incredibly casual or super fancy.

Any shade of blue or gray would suffice. A light blue to a deep navy, a very light gray to a dark charcoal are all possibilities.

I prefer to work in similar tones. So, if I’m trying light blue, I’m going for light gray. If I’m wearing a deep navy, I’ll pair it with a dark charcoal gray.

You’ll maximize the intensifying effect of this color combo if you do it this way. This is perhaps the simplest color scheme to put together.

You probably already have a lot of material that fits with it, so I’d start with blue and gray if you’re new to this.

Blue and Green

Blue and green is the second color combination.

When I mention green, I’m referring to a variety of shades ranging from forest green to hunter green to olive. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

Although not lime green, any other shade of green and blue will work well together.

Because these are also natural hues that exist in nature, they go nicely with earth tones and neutrals such as brown, tan, khaki, and cream.

It’s a breeze to mix and match these with a variety of accessories and layers. This is just a basic color scheme that may be used all year.

Experiment with blue and green if you don’t already have a lot of things that go well with this color combination.

Burgundy and Black

Black and burgundy is the third color combination.

This one appears to be a little more formal, and I believe it’s a terrific way to break up the usual black on black or black and white color schemes seen at formal gatherings.

It’s a very exquisite color combination, and black and burgundy are both dark hues, so it’ll have a very sleek look, elevating and slimming down impact, much like wearing all black, for example.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to suits and tuxedos when wearing this color combo.

You can also go for a more relaxed look. Slim fit black pants and a burgundy T-shirt or polo are the most basic example of this. It’s a fantastic pairing.

Anyone could pull it off, but you don’t see it very frequently, so if you’re the type of person who likes to stand out from the crowd, you should absolutely try the black and burgundy combo.

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Color Combinations For Clothes For Men

Tan and White

The fourth color combination is white and tan.

And when I say white, I’m referring to a light blue. If you think of a seersucker shirt, it virtually appears white from a distance but has some light blue in it when you go up close.

When the weather starts to heat up in the summer, this is a great color combination to use. Lighter colors are simply more summertime. They’re cool and they’re fresh.

Shorter or larger men are frequently advised to wear dark hues in order to appear leaner and taller. Dark hues do make you look slimmer, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear them all the time.

A white oxford cotton button down and khaki chinos are one of my favorite summer color combinations, especially for a business casual atmosphere. And maybe with some loafers, rolled up, cuffed a little, displaying some ankle. It’s just such a lovely, light, summery color scheme.

Wearing white and tan together, just like black and gray, will help you streamline your outfit. It will reduce the negative horizontal contrast that short men desire to avoid.

Obviously, these two color look fantastic with blue, particularly light blue, and then with other neutrals such as camel or brown.

Brown and Green

Green and brown is the fifth color scheme.

This is a really earthy, natural color scheme. It takes a little dexterity to pull off. You don’t want to be mistaken for Robin Hood.

However, if done correctly, you can appear incredibly suave and well-dressed.

This is a particularly good color combination for fall, when the weather begins to cool and you begin to wear heavier, more textured, and more fascinating materials and fabrics such as tweed, flannel, and leather.

It’s just a really lovely color scheme. Other neutral hues, such as blue and gray, can readily be added.

There are so many options here, so play around with green and brown, especially when the weather begins to cool down.

Brown and Gray

Gray and brown make up number six.

One of my favorite color combos is this one. It’s underestimated, in my opinion, since you don’t see it very often. It’s similar to the gray and blue combination.

It goes with a variety of clothes and hues, so you could go with very light gray and very light brown, almost like a tan or khaki, or you could go with darker colors, such as a darker brown and a charcoal.

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I like to pair lighter grays with lighter browns, such as a light gray button-up shirt with very light khaki trousers. That’s a really amazing color combination.

It’s merely a new spin on the all-too-common light blue button-up shirt and khaki chinos combo.

This will help you stand out a little more from the crowd. It’s still a pretty safe, very easy to pull off color combination, but it will help you stick out a little more.

Brown and Black

The color scheme for number seven is black and brown.

Granted, this is arguably the most difficult of all the combos on our list to pull off.

It’s like navy and black, and if you do it incorrectly, it can appear as if you made an unintentional error, as if you dressed in the dark.

However, if done well, it can be really elegant. This color combination will appeal to everyone who knows what they’re doing.

Obviously, black and brown have a lot in common. They’re both dark colors, which lessen contrast and work well on the smaller frame.

Slim fit black jeans and a medium hue brown leather jacket are the most evident illustration of this color combination.

A black suit with a camel overcoat or black pants with brown leather Chelsea boots are two further examples.

Black and brown is the most difficult of these seven combinations to pull off, so if you’re new to this, I’d suggest skipping it in favor of one of the more obvious options like blue and gray or blue and green.

However, once you’ve established a comfortable level of comfort and want to start branching out or pushing the envelope a little, you should definitely experiment with the black and brown color combination.

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