9 Benefits of Alpaca Wool

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Benefits of Alpaca Wool

When I used to trek a lot, I remember that I would always find myself feeling hot and cold, sweaty and cold, hotter and colder, and just miserable in general. I can still vividly remember those feelings.

But I did eventually figure out a solution to the problem. It’s called alpaca wool, and here are some of its benefits.

It’s Water Repellent

You’ll be protected from the rain by an alpaca. You’ll want to have something that protects you from the rain while you’re hiking in an area where the weather could be pretty much any kind.

Alpaca wool has the fascinating property of being actually repellent. Before moisture is actually absorbed by the fabric, it wicks it away. When you’re hiking, this is a huge benefit.

You will keep dry for a longer time, and alpaca wool actually evaporates the water when it does get wet, so you won’t feel wet. Alpaca wool can absorb 30% of its weight in water.

Great feature.

It’s Wind Resistant

Alpaca wool also provides wind protection. It might get really chilly while hiking, especially if you’re in the highlands. You want to be protected against it.

Why and how will alpaca shield you from the wind?

Because of its unique fiber composition. Due to its extremely smooth fiber texture, it may be knitted very tightly and closely together. You’ll be protected from the wind as a result of that.

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It’s not completely windproof, so don’t expect it to be invincible, but it’s definitely protecting.

It’s Thermoregulating

Alpaca wool also has excellent thermoregulating properties. This means that it will keep your body warm while it’s cold outdoors, but it will cool you off when your body starts to heat up. The fiber will take in the temperature and then push it out into the atmosphere.

The reverse is also true. It will preserve your body’s temperature inside the layer that is protected by the alpaca wool when it is cold outside.

It Doesn’t Absorb Smells

I enjoy wearing alpaca wool while hiking because it does not absorb odors. Hiking causes your body to gradually heat up, which causes you to start perspiring at some point throughout the hike.

You don’t need to worry that wearing alpaca wool will make you smell bad the entire hike. No, alpaca wool won’t absorb the smells; this is also a result of the texture of the fiber. Anything that is stuck within will just evaporate back out.

You can stroll for days or even weeks without actually needing to wash or freshen up your alpaca wool clothing. It’ll just continue to be fresh.

It Doesn’t Absorb Sweat

Similarly, if you wear an alpaca woolen outfit, you can’t feel any excessive sweating. Sweat helps our body cool off when we get hot. Sweat is absorbed up by the alpaca fiber and then dissipated back into the atmosphere.

I’ve found that when my head starts to perspire, the sweat will be absorbed and I won’t feel wet. It may sound a little strange, but it will simply evaporate out again after being absorbed by the fiber.

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This is yet another huge benefit, especially when you’re climbing a mountain in cold weather and you start to sweat since the activity is so intense. However, once you reach the summit, the sweat simply evaporates off your body because of the garment.

It’s Comfortable

Alpaca wool is really comfortable to wear, which is also very significant. This is due to the fact that the fiber is extremely pliable, stretchy, and soft, which results in great wearability.

Alpaca wool is great to wear whether you’re hiking or just relaxing on your couch.

It’s Warm

Most of us are aware that alpaca wool is warm. It’s wool, right? So when it’s cold outside, it keeps you warm.

That’s accurate, and it’s also a great feature.

However, it is also cooling when the weather is hot. Consequently, you can wear alpaca wool all year long and in a variety of locations, seasons, and weather patterns. You will be protected from the heat and cold.

It’s Flame Retardant

Alpaca wool is also flame retardant. When you’re hiking for several days and want to make a campfire and roast some marshmallows, alpaca wool will not catch fire.

Okay, it will catch fire, and eventually everything will burn, but because it self-extinguishes, it won’t be consumed by flames right away. Your alpaca woolen garment will probably self-extinguish if a spark hits it.

It’s Sustainable

If you love hiking, it’s likely because you love the outdoors and the environment. Alpaca wool is extremely sustainable, which is arguably its most significant benefit.

It is durable and friendly for the environment. Alpacas are eco-friendly animals, and the fiber is biodegradable.

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Simply said, if you care about the environment, this is a terrific garment to wear.

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